10 Essential Design Resources Every UI Designer Needs to Know About

As a UI designer, having the right design resources is crucial to streamline your workflow and create high-fidelity designs. In this article, we’ll explore 10 essential design resources that every UI designer needs to know about.

1. UI Kits

UI kits can help you save time and improve your design workflow by providing pre-designed elements, such as buttons, icons, and UI components. TheUI.studio is a comprehensive UI kit for Figma that includes over 1000 components and 200 templates, making it a valuable resource for UI designers.

2. Stock Photos

Stock photos are an essential resource for UI designers when it comes to creating visually appealing designs. uimg.studio is a free stock photo website that offers a wide range of high-quality photos for commercial and personal use.

3. Icon Sets

Icons are a crucial component of UI design, and having a diverse set of icons can enhance the user experience and make your designs more engaging. Iconfinder is a popular website where you can find thousands of icons in various styles and formats.

4. Typography

Choosing the right typography can make or break a UI design. Google Fonts is a free resource that offers a wide selection of web fonts that are easy to use and customize.

5. Color Schemes

Using the right color scheme is essential to create compelling UI designs that catch users’ attention. Adobe Color is a free tool that allows you to create custom color palettes and explore various color schemes to help you find the right colors for your design.

6. Prototyping Tools

Prototyping tools can help you create interactive prototypes that simulate how your design will work in the real world. Figma, Sketch, and InVision Studio are some of the most popular prototyping tools that UI designers use.

7. UI Design Inspiration

Keeping up with the latest UI design trends and getting inspiration from other designers can help you improve your own designs. Dribbble is a popular platform for UI designers to share their work and get inspired by others.

8. Design Feedback

Getting feedback from other designers and stakeholders is vital to improving your design and creating a more user-centered experience. UsabilityHub is a website that offers various user testing and feedback tools to help you improve your designs’ usability.

9. Design Conferences

Attending design conferences can be a valuable way to learn new skills, network with other designers, and get inspired by new ideas. Some popular design conferences include Adobe MAX, UXPA, and Design Thinking & Innovation Week.

10. Online Courses and Tutorials

Online courses and tutorials can help you improve your design skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Udemy, Skillshare, and Lynda are some popular online learning platforms that offer courses on UI design and related topics.


Having access to quality design resources is essential for UI designers to streamline their workflow and create high-fidelity designs. From UI kits and stock photos to online courses and design conferences, these resources can help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and improve your skills as a UI designer.

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