Trendy UI Animations: Captivating and Engaging Users

UI animations have become an essential part of user interface design. Animations, if implemented effectively, can enhance user experience and bring life to a dull interface. Animation in UI provides users with a visual cue of their actions and can give the interface a personality. According to a study, users tend to spend more time interacting with applications that have better animations, making it a crucial element of an application interface.

The importance of animation in UI design

Animation can help assist in various things such as creating feedback on user interactions or building efficient transitions between two different states. It also makes the interface more visually appealing and can add a personality to it. By keeping users engaged with the interface, it can also increase their attention span, leading to a higher chance of conversions.

Animation trends in UI design

Animations are in continuous evolution, and designers are always searching for new ways to make interfaces more captivating and engaging. Here are some of the latest animation trends we can expect to see in UI design in 2021:


Micro-interactions are small animations that are triggered by user interactions like button presses and swipes. A simple example of micro-interaction is the loading animation on websites created using Lottie files.

3D Animations:

3D animations create a sense of depth and can showcase an object from different angles — creating a more immersive experience for users.

Background Animations:

Background animations are an excellent way to provide depth and bring life to the interface. They put the concept of motion to the interface, adding a unique organizational and informative value.

Animated Icons:

Animated icons can show the meaning of their function better than static icons. For instance, to indicate that the system is processing, you can use an animated icon with a spinning circle.

Resources for UI Animations

If you want to get started with creating animations for your application, here are a few resources:

  1. LottieFiles
  2. Framer Motion
  3. Adobe After Effects

Animated interfaces are becoming more and more popular, and animation in UI has its own role in website design and application development. It is no longer just a trend but an essential tool that should be used wisely by UX/UI designers.

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