The Importance of UI Animation in Enhancing User Experience

UI Animation is a key aspect of User Interface design that makes use of motion graphics to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. It involves the use of various animated elements like transitions, hover effects, and loading animations to guide users through different interactions and processes on an app or website.

Animation in UI design has become a trending topic in recent years as it has been proven to enhance usability and overall user experience. It helps users to easily navigate an app or website, enhances usability, and, most importantly, brings a digital experience to life.

Why UI Animation is Important

UI Animation has a lot of importance, and some of the reasons it has become a trending topic include:

  1. Enhances usability: UI Animation helps guide users through different interactions and processes easily. It guides users to understand the various interface elements and their functionality through movement. When UI elements have contextually appropriate animation, interactions will appear intuitive to the user, giving the interface a simple learning curve.
  2. Resonates with human psychology: Human psychology shows that movement grabs our attention more than static graphics. UI design that incorporates animation commands attention, helps sustain users’ interest and engagement, and creates a delightful experience, based on feedback and cognitive patterns.
  3. Adds personality and charm: Creatively designed animations add charm and personality to an interface, which makes the interface memorable and more likely to be shared.
  4. Creates smooth transitions: Animation allows for a smoother and more cohesive transition between interface elements which helps users to easily navigate the interface and keep track of various interactions.

Best Practices for UI Animation

Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when designing UI animations:

  1. Make it purposeful: Always create animations that are purposeful and serve a specific function. Adding animations for the sake of adding them can take away the effectiveness and may be considered noise – extra visuals that distract from the purpose of the app or website.
  2. Keep it simple: Simplicity can go a long way when designing UI animations. Avoid overly complicated animations or ones that appear chaotic or flashy, which may impact the user experience in a negative way.
  3. Reinforce the brand identity: Ensure that UI animations match the brand identity, by using colors and other elements that match the brand and design system you have in place.
  4. Examine performance: Test your animations to ensure they work smoothly on a variety of devices and platforms. Heavy animations or use of imagery and video may result in performance issues on mobile devices, and result in slow loading or other performance issues.

Tools for UI Animation

There are a lot of tools available for designing gorgeous and effective UI animations including:

  • Figma – A collaborative design tool that allows design teams to create animations and designs in real time
  • Animaker – An online tool that allows users to create animated videos and presentations with ease
  • Principle – A Mac-based app that allows designers to create animated prototypes with ease and finesse.


UI Animation is a vital part of the user interface design process that can enhance engagement, usability, and overall user experience. When animation is thoughtfully incorporated into a user interface design, interaction flows become more intuitive. Designers that understand how to use animation to their advantage, can ensure their designs resonate with users, create engagement and, ultimately success.

When thinking of UI animation, remember the best practices discussed above, and consider the tools that help designers and teams execute successful animations in a design project.

Relevant Websites

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  • Uimg.Studio – A free stock photo website with various images to add value to your design projects

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