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The Power of UI Animation in Enhancing User Experience


UI animation plays a crucial role in creating engaging and delightful user experiences. These animations are not merely decorative elements but serve a functional purpose in guiding users, providing feedback, and enhancing overall usability.

The Impact of UI Animation

UI animations have a profound impact on user interaction with digital products. As Rachel Nabors once said, “

Animation’s greatest role, is in closing the gap between conceptual models and the real thing. And, diagnostics for those differences.” – Rachel Nabors

Benefits of UI Animation

  • Enhances user engagement
  • Improves usability and navigation
  • Provides visual feedback
  • Guides users through complex workflows

Best Practices for UI Animation

  1. Keep animations subtle and purposeful
  2. Ensure consistency in animation styles
  3. Use animations to provide context and meaning
  4. Optimize for performance to avoid lags

Remember, as Val Head puts it, “

People don’t see time. They feel it.” – Val Head

Recommended Resources for UI Animation

1. LottieFiles

LottieFiles is a platform that provides a vast collection of animations for web and mobile applications. Designers can easily integrate these animations into their projects for a seamless user experience. Check them out here.

2. UI8 UI Animation Kit

The UI8 UI Animation Kit offers a comprehensive set of animations, transitions, and micro-interactions to elevate your design projects. Access the kit here.


For a wide range of UI kits and design resources, visit Their collection of UI assets, including kits for Figma, can streamline your design process. Explore more here.

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